Thrive Market

This is a great health food hack I recently found by listening to a podcast about eating better foods.

I had been looking for carob powder, and locally I could only find the unsweet chips (like baking chips).  When I heard about Thrive, I was pumped, because I’ve noticed that our local health food stores seem to be going out of business.  The only thing that survives is the chains, like GNC – which is no good for my purposes.

Thrive is an online health food store with tons of ingredients for baking and very inexpensive options for simple things, like coconut oil, which I use a lot – as a beauty solution and to bake.

They also had bone broth, which is something I’ve been hearing a lot about to strengthen bones and prevent bone loss.  I think, based on family history, this is something I should work on.

The best part is, they have free shipping on minimum orders of $49, and you get credits each time you shop toward next time.  I spent about $80.00 and already have a $5.49 credit.

So… here is the link to THRIVE.

Give them a try, and let me know what you think!

Author: Anne Beck

Anne Beck is a real estate agent, artist, designer, mother, wife and creator of an abundant life in New Orleans. This blog is the manifestation of her life as a writer, recovering alcoholic and self-improvement junkie, shared now as her journey continues into pursuits of gratitude and joy.