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We nourish our minds and spirits with thought, meditation and prayer; but it’s surprisingly important to be aware of the foods we take into our bodies as well.

I am by NO means a health junkie – rather, I’m hit-and-miss with my diet choices, sometimes rushed and reaching for all the wrong foods throughout my busy days.

But I have learned that my state of mind and my physical comfort from day to day really are deeply affected by what I eat and drink.

A major part of this blog is to explore ways to make better choices in our busy lives, changing the things we can, and accepting that when we indulge, we’re only human.

Just like in any twelve-step program, we seek progress, not perfection.

Don’t Trash Your Diet Just a Little Bit! (Lemon Icebox Pie Thoughts)

The above recipe takes nothing more than 10 minutes, and will absolutely ruin your diet.  I mean, ruin it.

Or… here’s another way to look at it.

My favorite fast way to drop weight quickly comes from Tim Ferris in the 4 Hour Body book.  It’s a “slow carb” diet that is followed 6 days per week with absolute strictness – then there’s…

A cheat day.

I love this diet, and it totally works.  I’ve dropped weight very quickly, then, just when I can’t take it any more – it’s cheat day!

On cheat day, I can have whatever I want.  Absolutely anything, including donuts, pizza – just WHATEVER.

I guess it tricks your metabolism into thinking you’re not on a diet any more – and when I cheat, I do it right.

WARNING.  You might eat this whole entire pie in one day.  If you don’t, you’ve GOT to get it out of your house.  Give it away.  No one is going to complain.  They will talk about this every time they see you.  I mean it.

But if you’re going to binge… this recipe is my favorite.  You can make it quickly, it’s super easy, and it freezes well, so you can use my version above, (which makes TWO pies), freeze the second one, and you’re all set next time you have to bring something fabulous to a cookout, family reunion, school thing, or potluck.

Binge-ing is going to bring you guilt.  Make sure it’s worth it.

Try & Tell: No Red Meat for 30 Days

Here is an experiment I’m starting today, based on what some beautiful, young twenty-somethings have told me about their diets.

They don’t eat red meat.

Of course, it’s not the first time I’ve heard of eliminating red meat, and I’m not sure what the benefits may be – but I’m going to try it, and I’ll do a weekly update of any changes I notice.

Mostly, I want to feel more energetic as we enter fall.  I’ve got lots of gardening and outdoor work to do in our courtyard – and I need more energy!

So… here it goes.  Day one.  We will be eating trout tonight, along with a mixed green salad and probably mac and cheese, to keep our nine-year-old, Bryce, happy.

Meanwhile… I think it would be helpful here to post some facts, but I’m not going to.

I literally know nothing about the reasons for avoiding red meat, so I’m just going to notice my own reactions, then I’ll post more information after this 30 day experiment, to provide more help to you in your own journey, and to see if any of the changes I notice are actually “a thing.”

Let’s call this a completely un-scientific blind study.


  • Right now I have a bloated feeling in my belly, and about three pounds of “pinchable” fat on my abdomen.  In spite of daily vinegar cleansing, this is not going away.
  • I feel sluggish and in general, my stomach is very “full” feeling and I just feel lazy and unhealthy right now.
  • I’m sweating like crazy these days, and having to use men’s deodorant!  (Not in a hot-flash kind of way.  Just overall seem to have a high body temperature).

August 17 update:  For now, this topic will have to be put aside.  Over the past weekend I worked in my actual flower garden – in heat over 100 degrees.  I seem to have thrown off my electrolytes and am experiencing ongoing dizziness while I try to rebalance them.  It seems that changing too many things in my diet right now is not a good idea.

Will restart this experiment at a later time.