Facebook is the New Shop-at-Home Network… Beware the Hypnosis!

 Be careful!

If you ever once click on a beauty product in Facebook and order something… you’re on the list.  Your feed will forever be filled with more, more and more things you NEED to buy to look better.

It doesn’t end.

Just when you think you’ve mastered cellulite, then it’s protein supplements, then charcoal teeth whitener.  Anything you can be self-conscious about – there’s an answer, right there on Facebook.

The spam email starts coming.  The “suggested” websites start appearing.

They know!  They know every insecurity, every line on your face, every pimple, every squat you haven’t done…

As if social media weren’t unhealthy for our spirits already, the added blow of targeted advertising has smashed us right between the eyes.

And I confess… I have bought at least nine things from Facebook over the last year that have really added up.  And I can only think of three that have really kept their promises and made me feel healthier and better about my aging process.

Let’s be careful.

Before we click our way through another promise of a better life, let’s take a moment and gain some skills for deciphering which things we are using for health and beauty, and which things are propping up our need for greater satisfaction in our lives.

This is my own journey, as well as yours.  I am a victim of my ego, and I think it’s important to think about why we are never happy with our physical selves, even as we work to connect to our spirits.

I am taking a “time out” right now.  I have literally filled our guest bathroom with things I’m hoping will solve insecurities; and it’s time to evaluate WHY I’m doing each thing, before I go any further.

I’m going to start small, and I’ll share each product as I gain more experience with them, and others… I need to gift away and turn inward, working on the root cause of too much “info” on the news feed.

Author: Anne Beck

Anne Beck is a real estate agent, artist, designer, mother, wife and creator of an abundant life in New Orleans. This blog is the manifestation of her life as a writer, recovering alcoholic and self-improvement junkie, shared now as her journey continues into pursuits of gratitude and joy.