Food & Wine Garden

We nourish our minds and spirits with thought, meditation and prayer; but it’s surprisingly important to be aware of the foods we take into our bodies as well.

I am by NO means a health junkie – rather, I’m hit-and-miss with my diet choices, sometimes rushed and reaching for all the wrong foods throughout my busy days.

But I have learned that my state of mind and my physical comfort from day to day really are deeply affected by what I eat and drink.

A major part of this blog is to explore ways to make better choices in our busy lives, changing the things we can, and accepting that when we indulge, we’re only human.

Just like in any twelve-step program, we seek progress, not perfection.

Author: Anne Beck

Anne Beck is a real estate agent, artist, designer, mother, wife and creator of an abundant life in New Orleans. This blog is the manifestation of her life as a writer, recovering alcoholic and self-improvement junkie, shared now as her journey continues into pursuits of gratitude and joy.