Mind vs. Mindful… Not the Same Thing!

Thinking and being mindful are definitely not the same thing.

To me, Mindfulness is a practice of experience.  I work on this constantly, as I’m always in a rush, rarely being mindful of what I’m doing.

The mind, however, needs nurturing, too.

We are like computers.  We have two processes – input and output.

We spend much of our time regurgitating things we have learned, putting into practice our knowledge, skills and education.  We do a lot of output, and in adulthood, we often feel that we are full of information that can be shared with the world.  And that is true.

What is also true is that our hard drives are never full.  The brain has so much capacity “they” say we only use 3% of the available ability of the mind.  Just three percent!

So to me, education is a life-long pursuit.  I’m an avid reader, and I believe this helps me grow in every area of my life.

But I have to be careful.

So much study of web traffic, blogging dynamics, search engine optimization… all good to know, but not what makes a good blog.

I’ve also read a million books on childhood education, ADHD, raising a happy child… and a mother with her nose in a book, or always on the computer, is not supporting her child with attention and guidance and love!

Again, balance rules everything, and I love when someone shares a great read.  It helps me narrow my selections and spend less time reading things that aren’t helpful.  My mind needs to be kept under control, and reading time is precious and rare.

On that note, I’ll share some of the best things I read with you here, in the Mind Garden.  Hopefully, this will help send you in the direction of helpful reading to nourish your mind, without overwhelming with too much information.

Author: Anne Beck

Anne Beck is a real estate agent, artist, designer, mother, wife and creator of an abundant life in New Orleans. This blog is the manifestation of her life as a writer, recovering alcoholic and self-improvement junkie, shared now as her journey continues into pursuits of gratitude and joy.