Spirit Garden

The best thing that ever happened to me was a life crisis that landed me in alcohol rehab – at age 19.

As a result, I’ve been exposed to a thought process in recovery that cleared a path for a life that has been better than it would have been without the darkness.

I don’t always follow the path, but even after 30 years without a drop of alcohol… I find that the world opens to me in new ways when I follow the principles of “one day at a time,” and “let go and let God.”

I’m not religious, but I believe in a divine presence within myself, and within everyone I meet.  I believe in grace.  I believe in guidance.

I believe in Spirit, and that we are made in the image of the Creator.  We are all creative beings.

So I follow Spirit in many ways.  I invite you to join me in growing a garden that blooms in spirit; always growing, full of power and light.

Author: Anne Beck

Anne Beck is a real estate agent, artist, designer, mother, wife and creator of an abundant life in New Orleans. This blog is the manifestation of her life as a writer, recovering alcoholic and self-improvement junkie, shared now as her journey continues into pursuits of gratitude and joy.